About DameAblaze

DameAblaze started on Instagram as a way of spotlighting little known pioneering women from the past who did amazing trailblazing things like the first woman to fly an airplane or the first woman to climb Mount Everest.

This eventually evolved into not only spotlighting women who have been pioneers but who are currently making a difference in their respective fields which then turned into interviewing women from different fields in an effort to inspire a future generation of girls and women to follow the paths they may want to follow and to showcase careers they might not have thought of going into because either they’ve never heard of the career or thought as a woman going into that field would be hard because it’s mainly male dominated or because of their background.

The interviews will eventually be posted on Youtube.

We also are currently in the works to become a non profit organization which will include programs like mentor and me, informational interviews with professionals, workshops, interview viewings, working with inner city schools, working with inner city shelters, various drives for various organizations in needs, and various documentaries.